Creativity . Care . Mastery . Organisation . Support.

His creations are both unusual and comforting; they mix creative freedom and mastery; and his mastery respects the connections and balances between light and texture.
Our five key points are:
. A great deal of creativity fully dedicated to your desires and to the places where you live,
. An on going search for resources in skills, solutions and innovation,
. A mastered technique added to high standards,
. A detailed and accomplished financial approach that respects the budgetary framework and maximises it,
. A thorough organisation and follow through of the work that guarantee the res-pect of the targets set.

Thanks to his eclectic experiences, Pierre Stelmaszyk has created a unique, innovative, and daring perspective on indoor architecture and design, one that reflects their founding principles. From creation to production, he organises and manages all kind of projects, with inspiration and high standards. This helps insure the best conditions for success. His creations are both unusual and comforting. They mix creative freedom and mastery and his mastery respects the connections and balances between light and texture.

What you are looking for or what you want to express is what truly inspires him. Thanks to deep reflection, he pays special attention to the connection between Meaning and Shape. It’s the starting step and the state of mind of the architectural creative process. He will dedicate this to you, with the goal of taking you beyond your expectations, while still respecting the financial limits set for your project. This way, your project stands apart from clichés and conventional standards, and serves the moods and the feeling that you seek. This project is created especially for you and for the location it will belong to it is truly original and unique.

We take full care of the qualitative, financial and administrative preparation of the project, its organisation, and its development.
In order to give you full satisfaction, we pay special attention to fostering the best conditions of creation and to checking all stages of your project, from the beginning to the finishing stages.

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