Pierre Stelmaszyk’s natural process is done through a detailed, thoughtful, and subtle study. He enables us to be carried in an area that he masters perfectly, with people who enjoy working together, who stimulate each other through a po-sitive and mutual dynamic. How could you not trust him?

He uses his inspiration and his inner strength to serve others with a great gene-rosity, he follows through the whole project never imposing his own ideas. Deeply respectful, he invites you to discover yourself through his experiences, his own story, his joys, and manages to lead you to a goal that, until now, seemed to be unattainable.

With his high sensitivity, he is not only an architect, but also an artisan of well being who enables others to discover their own creativity. He knows perfectly how to carry this creativity through the design of what will naturally be the special project of those that he supports.

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Architecture Harmony - Architectural Interior Design

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